Feature Addition: Hide Post By User




I received a notification, but your reply was hidden:

Until I un-muted you, that is.

This is good to know, it won’t prevent replies, but the replies themselves are hidden.


Agreed; taking it personally when someone decides to ‘tune you out’ seems like a needless waste of energy.

I’m sure a lot of people out there don’t give a damn about my opinions or care to read them… but their lack of interest doesn’t diminish me or my worth in the slightest; nor does it hurt my feelings should they decide to ‘opt out’ of seeing them altogether.

Was there ever such a time?



Once. Maybe twice. :wink:


so you are saying we can design better conversations? And by we, you mean yourself and whom else?

Funny thing about persons


You pass!


I would assume if you further have them muted in the preferences panel, then no.


He was banned at BB after Charlottesville.

There is a standard feature in the :gear: Preferences control-panel thing, under Notifications on the left side, then scrolling down to Users, Muted. Maybe it could be integrated somehow.


I took an interpersonal conflict exercise recently – the teachers argued that most conflicts boil down to issues of identity, where the identities at stake are often basic, indispensable self-beliefs like:

  • I am competent
  • I am a good person
  • I am worthy of love & respect

This was a new concept to me, & eventually I’d like to read a couple of the books and research they mentioned. Even though “identity” is often used in the sense of community identification, “identity” in their very personal sense is probably a requirement just to get up in the morning. And it’s usually more at stake than even the most closely-held notions of group identity, which can change several times during a person’s life.


From this site or are you referring to the elder evil from which we all fled (or were given the ten year boot)?


I refer to other haunts we may have known.


Is there any value in a preemptive ban?


Not sure it’s worth bothering - he set up the account, and hasn’t even read anything since.


It’s not even about that. There’s just people who I never want to see posts from. Period. These are people that may not break any rules but I don’t have any interest or desire to interact with them. It seems to me like such a reasonable feature request to allow for this but then all these straw men start being built up around bans, free expression, scope creep, and so on.

Like, just let me flip a damn bozo bit on someone.


Yeah, I remember that. I hold the honor of being the first person to have a topic closed in the other place’s lounge because I started one asking if we really wanted to start critiquing other people’s likes and @honeybunchesofoats apparently decided that this was a covert attack on someone.

Just a short time later, within a month I think, the “how dare you like that” issue rose again with completely different participants. I guess I was just a man ahead of his time.


I strongly suspect that one of our merry pranksters created the Max account.


I doff my cap to whoever the other popo is. We have popii, people! Popii!




I think Chuck meant honeybunches (or was trying to avoid tagging bunches there).

Sorry, I think I just spoiled the joke.


It was over my head anyway…