Feature Addition: Hide Post By User


And now it looks like the feature is gone.


How odd.


Sorry, added a check to it that doesn’t seem to work properly when you jump to latest (from dashboard). The check was meant to save battery life on mobile devices. Reverting it.


Code has been fixed. It was functional when I had saved it. I suspect Discourse may have been silently updated in the background.


I didn’t push any updates. Odd.


Discourse is currently hijacking keyboard events, making it painful for me to edit code on the fly. It looks like Discourse mangled some of the code at some point or another. Fixed now, and it should stay that way.

Source code here, for those interested: https://github.com/tinoesroho/discourse_repo/blob/master/scripts/discourse_mute.js


I took a peek out of idle curiosity (I don’t know the first thing about code beyond BASIC). I was childishly amused to see several instances of “mute_foo” and I couldn’t help but read them in Mr T’s voice. Since that’s what I’d use this function for. To mute the occasional foo’.



You’re supposed to pity them. I’m including a citation to back up my argument:



The problem there is that the paying customers mostly don’t have to worry about it, because they can ban the problem users completely.

It’s everyone else who has to deal with the edge cases who might want this feature.



It’s some kind of weird thing like I have to reload the first topic page I look at in order to see the microphones. I’m using an unusual browser. If nobody else has the same problem I’d say forget it.


If I knew of the browser, I could attempt to replicate the issue.


*Lolz @ “mute_foo”


If you really want to go there


Not the current version. This is the last one with gtk2. It’s easier with just a keyboard.


The mute button showed up for me before, but now it’s gone. Is it working for everyone else?


Well, I can mute you using your post, and I can mute myself (which is an interesting notion). I’m using Chrome on a Win7 tower.


Hmm… I reset my theme and it reappeared.


When I initially come here via top-level link (bookmarked) then go into a topic, it’s gone. I reload the page, and it’s there. Seems like a bug.

Win 7 with Firefox 53.0.3/32 bit here.


Yeah, the same with me.


So can we if we need to so that really isn’t relevant here, I think. I doubt we’re unable to ban a user.

I get that a lot of people want the feature. The “inability to ban users” argument isn’t one of them. If people violated a code of conduct, ban them. If the code of conduct doesn’t cover their behavior and it is still obnoxious enough that they should be banned, look at tightening up the code of conduct and/or the moderation of the site. I don’t think hiding people from view is the ultimate solution to behavior issues. It just creates filter bubbles.


The moderators can. The users can’t (and shouldn’t be able to).

I was specifically responding to why paying customers wouldn’t be requesting it. In a nutshell, the paying customers aren’t the same use case as general users, and wouldn’t request features like this unless their users were being especially vocal about it.

In most cases, if their users were being especially vocal in requesting this kind of thing, it’s likely that there would be a specific user who was being disruptive enough that the admin could ban that user. So demand for the feature is self-limiting, but that doesn’t give the actual worth of it since the feature itself is primarily useful for situations where a particular person isn’t enough of a disruption to warrant an outright ban.

It’s really not meant to be, as far as I’m aware. It appears to be a way for individuals to deal with problems they may have, without requiring any others to agree with them and without appreciably inconveniencing the other person involved.

(I should add that I’m unlikely to use this myself… but I can definitely see why people would want the option.)