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Well, fuck
Stuff That Really 'Grinds My Gears...'
Well, fuck

MIne: got a crown on a molar a month ago because it had finally cracked after having been filled, filling replaced, filled again. It’s been painful ever since and getting worse. Like gout, but in my mouth and jaw, and I’m pushing the ibuprofen daily dosage limit now to keep it contained to a liveable level. It’s not alignment (we’ve already done that twice) so it’s the nerve. Which means root canal. Dammit. And insurance decided not to cover their share, because AFAIK, American dental “insurance” is mostly a discount card. Definitely a First World Problem, and I’m glad to be able to afford insurance, afford what the insurance doesn’t cover, afford the time to see my dentist, and that I have a dentist close enough that I can walk to the office, but chronic mouth pain is making joint pain seem like minor discomfort.



Shit. That’s rough. I was going to write in about stepping on a nail (didn’t pierce skin) and ruining my trusty old pair of shoes (got five years out of it). But damn.



ugh, i hope you feel better soon. if it helps make you feel any better, i’m carrying around the knowledge that sooner or later i’m going to have to have TWO root canals. i’m not looking forward to THAT, lemme tell ya. :baby:



Hey, ruining shoes is also a thing worth mourning and grousing about. I blew the strap on what I use instead of slippers this morning. Shoes are like jeans – there’s a very short time between perfectly broken in and blown, and most companies don’t keep making that perfect (for individual opinions of perfect) model for long, so getting a replacement means either Ebay trawling or hoping there’s something else comparable.

Good time to check your tetanus jab history, though. Very glad you didn’t get scratched.



I"m so sorry. Since it’s gotta happen, I hope they’re on the same side so they can be done at the same time? I know, probably a #vainhope.



speaking from experience… don’t get a root canal, just plan and save for an implant. it is a more serious procedure, but when you’ve had to have the same tooth root canaled twice, crowned, and it still fails… well, that’s more expensive than an implant by a lot.


oh, and take your allopurinol, drink lots of water, and avoid gout triggers like i don’t. :slight_smile:



thanks! it’s more of a “not if, but WHEN” situation at this point. everyone i’ve talked to who’s had one winces and then refuses to tell me anything more than “oh, it was awful. good luck!”



I had an extraction and a root canal done on the same side a few years ago due to some 20 year old dental work that finally failed. (I got to spend literally 5 hours in the chair that day!) Considering how much pain the teeth were causing me, the dental procedure was nothing! I almost feel asleep a few times, seeing how once they’d injected the Novocaine I was finally (relatively) out of pain for the first time in several days.



well, i guess that’s something to consider, haha!



if by the slightest chance you live near Scottsdale, I can give you the address of a guy that actually knows what he is doing. He is kind of an ass, but an excellent dentist.



thanks, but unfortunately i live in reno. too far to commute. : )



Mouth pain is the worst. I have arthritis in my jaw, and when it flares… Fortunately, since I got my wisdom teeth removed it doesn’t flare up as much anymore (the surgeon was sceptical, but when the teeth got inflamed, it put pressure on the jaw, and boom).



I just got back from a memorial service for a friend of mine.

Truth be told, I hadn’t seen him or his wife much since their wedding three years ago. First she was very sick, then apparently he was (I just found out now). When we did e-mail it was always cordial, but they pulled up the drawbridge for very understandable reasons.

I didn’t even find out he’d passed until after the funeral.

And it’s all weird, because the weather is beautiful today, which reminds me of a story he loved to tell (he did spoken word, poetry, and short fiction). And it’s Earth Day, and one year I held an Earth Day dinner party and he came and we all did story-telling once it was lights-out.

So I’m not grieving exactly, because there’s already been some distance, but I’m not settled either. I’m going to drink some wine and re-read a book he recommended to me and that I just bought last January (it’s hard to find). And just try to make peace.



Last night I dreamt I ran into an old friend. There was something important, personal that I’d always regretted not telling her – and in this dream I was finally able to, in my way. The tenth anniversary of her tragic, unexpected passing is coming up in less than two months, and every year it messes me up. I wasn’t ready to face that big anniversary yet – I don’t know if I should, or can, start processing it now.



This is my first visit to Fuck Today, old or new. I came here to complain about dropping my phone in the toilet.

Now I feel like an asshole.



I’ve been there.

“Hey, my phone fits nicely into my shirt pocket, I wonder why more people don’t…oh. That’s why”



I think I may need to re-estblish Grind my Gears, for lesser gripes and “petty” complaints.



I woke up three hours ahead of schedule with a wonderful dream that I was sharing a bed with an attractive ginger. Woke up, turns out the dog had wormed their way between me and the couch and had its face resting against mine. Sorry, poochie.



Maybe you should also apologize to @honeybunches :smile: