Fyre Festival for the 1% Burns Like Rome

I have an actual degree in this. It’s crazy the amount of work it takers to make an event seem effortless. Logistics is hard.


Same here.

So much this.

Usually I’m all about the schadenfreude, especially when the recipients totally ‘have it coming’ due to their own bad karma… but just having more money than the average guy doesn’t automatically make someone ‘a bad person’ deserving of any misfortune that befalls them.

I agree that the epic fail on the part of the organizers is the story that I’m interested in,
more so than laughing at the woes of overprivileged concert goers.


I suspect the Kickstarter school of project management. Sell first, then surely things will resolve themselves.

I think it is a symptom of the sorry state of the political left in much of the western world that people feel they have to make do with simply hating the rich instead.

While I haven’t looked into their marketing that deeply, it seems to me that the event was sold as an aspirational thing. True, the tickets were out of the range of most people, but that looks like middle class kids with some money to spend rather than the truly rich. Perhaps the dream being sold was a stupid one, but I am not sure how much I can enjoy those kids getting smacked down hard and shown their place.


Supposedly the US embassy is considering rescuing the attendees. That info is from tweets from the artendees themselves, and at least some of them think that’s excessive – they don’t have no food, just crappy food, and not no shelter, just crappy shelter.


Dude, like OMG, DUDE, did you read this?


I posted it on the BBS too.
It was such a clusterfuck from the beginning.
They asked Exuma to MOVE their annual regatta. An annual event that books all available staff and hotels on the island. And when they regatta didn’t move they went ahead instead of rescheduling? Like, OMG.
I’m booking venues for September 2018 - RIGHT NOW! Jesus fucking christ.


From the article:

The whole editorial is a tour de force, but that bit stuck out to me. (Aside: really enjoyed the writing.)

Ouch. So not only are the attendees annoyed, not only are the organisers idiots, but they ticked off the Bahamas, a country well used to tourist lunacy. So there are diplomatic, not just commercial, impacts.

I hadn’t known the festival organisers demanded a 60 year old regatta change its schedule to accommodate them. That’s awful. Ballsy, but awful.

I wonder what other regulations and traditions they violated.


No. N-O, no. Negatory. Nope. Uh-uh. Not a chance.


As many as the current POTUS, maybe?


This. $1000 for an all expenses paid trip to an exotic location, plus multi day concert event? I’m not exactly a rich kid of Instagram, but hell yeah I’d pay that.


Exactly. The headlines all focus on the most expensive tickets, but the cheaper ones were easily within the perfectly normal package holiday range.


The consensus at the moment on the other board, from both users and mods, is that this is basically the attendees’ fault, because even though they were specifically told by the event to not bring cash, they definitely should have brought cash, and could have solved their problems with a trip to the nearby Sandals resort. And that their conditions weren’t all that bad, really – bread, cheese, and FEMA tents are good enough. And plus these are rich instangram kids so they deserved it.


Its so funny to me cuz they keep telling me that my analogy for the fancy cruise is not the same. But their argument basically boils down to “You’re smarter/better than those youths” or “the cruise is obviously better than a festival” - and I’m just like… neither of those are true?

Also, no one fucking travels with money! You travel with cards and take out local currency from ATMS when you get there! Which likely didn’t fucking exist at the festival sight! And the Sandals resort probably wouldn’t have helped them. Has any ever tried to walk onto a resort? They do not like outsiders!

This whole thing is just an ongoing exercise on laughing at people who were put in harm and ripped off and dared to tweet about it. Jesus people fucking suck sometimes.


Especially a resort that’s already very angry at the nearby festival that tried to tell them to move their regatta weekend in order to not compete with their thrown-together festival.

“Uh, hey dudes, can I use your bathrooms and ATM and get a room and a Frappucchino, my dad’s super rich!” (roomful of angry locals just stare at him)


The lack of any empathy just because of the perception of affluence is disturbing to me.

I would laugh my ass off if something like this happened to people like 45 & Co, in a heartbeat.


I have to say I think none of these people have been to the Caribbean. Like yeah, sure, money talks, but it doesn’t talk as much as you think in the islands. Also, when I saw all the tents still being made and the mattresses still in wrappers all I could think was “ah, island time”. LOL - the locals don’t need your specific dollars, they’ll just wait for the next tourist who’s happy to give their dollars away and be nice and not demanding. When you have these places that are tourist destinations and very popular the usual buyer/seller relationship gets flipped, and the buyer has less power than they’re used to. Its fun to watch people used to getting their way get shut down by a fruit vendor at the side of the road.

Also, I love this idea that fucking SANDALS is going to help any sort of refugee. LOL - that place is minimum of $1000/night. And if you show up with no money and freaking out? They’ll just call the cops.


Having lived there, I have to concur.

Island life is a whole different world…

Precisely. In the rush to laugh and be snide, many people exposed their own ‘first world’ bias.


Bread and cheese aren’t really good either. It’s just a notch above starvation. It’s what we feed to prisoners. If all I had for a week was bread and cheese, I wouldn’t starve to death, but I’d be pretty pissed off that I didn’t get nearly the meals I expected.

I have no idea what a FEMA tent is like, but I’ve spent many nights in just a regular tent. The tent will keep you safe from the elements… assuming “the elements” are the elements as we Americans know them nine months out of the year… or six if you’re in Canada. No sub-freezing temps, no torrential rains or gale-force winds, no crazy intense clouds of mosquitoes, basically nothing that’s insane for the US but relatively commonplace in other parts of the world. We’re not even talking about bedding yet. You will need padding and a sleeping bag, but if you’re in the middle of the Caribbean and it’s goddamn hot, you will fucking boil alive in a standard issue sleeping bag.

I love going camping, but 1) not without proper equipment, and 2) not when I’m not expecting to go camping. If you tell me I’m staying in a geodesic dome, but it’s actually an ill-equipped tent that’s ill-suited for the climate, yes, technically I can survive it, but boy it will suck.

See, when I make similar comments about middle-class cul-de-sac kids whose parents went to college, people tell me I have class issues and I should stop being a dick.

No I’m not. If the price was really as low as $1000 all-expenses-paid, that pretty much works out to a free concert with a camping trip, even assuming as bare-bones lodging as possible and no value add for the food. I would gladly take that. They were offered a deal that looked reasonable, and they got swindled.

Said probably by someone closer to 75 than 25.

Do people seriously not understand this?!?

Hmm. I don’t know. These people would be just as much victims of the douchebags who organized the festival as the Sandals people are. Probably even more.

If you’re that desperate and think you need to be rescued, maybe calling the cops isn’t such a bad idea. However, that will definitely cause problems of its own. Don’t try unless you’re desperate, like about to get murdered desperate.


This is a really good point; in all of the photos I’ve seen, the attendees (who were told they’d be in “luxury eco-domes”) were simply given popup dome tents. I didn’t see any bedding to speak of.


FYI, per FFabian’s flagged post on the other site: his “your lack of empathy” post was meant to mock my earlier post to him about his lack of empathy, in which he said that they all deserved what was coming to them for being rich kids – when a girl there posted that she was locked in a room without food, water, or air, he responded “she ded?”


Jesus christ, I can’t keep up…

I’ll jsut stay over here where its nice.