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Oh yes, sorry, I was trying to be clear I wasn’t making assumptions about you – XL is not am outlier! But yes, that’s what makes it so weird.

Me: I’ve taken US10/UK8/EU40 shoes since I was 10 years old. I have had multiple shop clerks assure me they get a lot of customers who take that size – but hardly any stock. Before on-line shopping, I used to buy 2 pairs of the same shoes when I could find ones that fit me well.

It changes your buying habits and clothing choices. I know people who chide me for not getting things on sale, but I think they don’t understand I need to buy when I can find it.


I think we got crossed wires, I was agreeing with you and emphasizing your point, not taking any offense :sweat_smile: (this is perhaps my favorite emoji) - I’m not great at writing sentiment clearly sometimes.

I have been buying things on sale (clearance) for years and years because it’s what I could afford, and I had the time to look around for things that fit. I am picky but still ended up with a ridiculous hodge-podge, 95% of which I don’t wear anymore - but it’s hard to let things go and donate them, since I know it’s so hard to find new things that fit. I feel like I need to hold on to my old things I don’t like just because they fit.

Now though I do have the same philosophy as you. I’ll pay whatever it takes to get what I want in my size. There’s no other option if you don’t wear a “regular” size and want to not look like a thrift store. Some of the stuff I’m interested in does end up on ebay, but rarely (and even more rarely in the right size), and if it doesn’t end up fitting then returns are difficult or impossible so it’s risky.

Shoes? Don’t even get me started…


Modern shipping





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I guess John Bolton got one thing he wanted

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