My Kiva Loan ended in May and people still are trying to get their money back

I meant on Facebook, actually. This place is a much more understanding space.


I appreciate it all so much. My plan B is to sell a lot. I have a couple of appointments set up.


Annoyingly, Kiva only issues refunds through PayPal, which I refuse to use because they suck.

Fortunately I used a US credit card, so I’ll just have them do a chargeback.


Can you please exchange the process so I can make sure everyone understands how to get their money back?
Thank you for supporting me.


Looking at the size of your space, maybe you could operate a pop-up nightclub on specific days? It worked for Michael Scott on The Office. /s


Lol. Great idea.


That’s kinda stupid.

Why don’t they just do what Kickstarter does, and not actually charge the card until the campaign ends?


I think they want you to lend the funds to another business instead of withdrawing them. I don’t think it’s ethical how they handle it. If someone lends because they are into the Kiva thing, sure, but if they lend to a specific campaign it seems sneaky.


I’ve had a few days to lick my wounds after this did not get funded.

What I’ve decided to do is to presale the course for $25. I will be included in this immediate access to a live version of the course materials delivered by videoconference calls and then the professionally recorded version will be available on Sept 3.

This will be a one time only offer never to be repeated, ending July 5.

I’ll post the link to the offer here shortly. If you were a Kiva lender, I’d really appreciate it if you would participate in this offer. You can transfer it to someone else if you are not interested in learning yoga.

To those who lent, I cannot thank you enough for your support. It means the world to me.

If you have not received a refund from Kiva, please go in and check your Kiva account. You need to manually trigger a refund through PayPal. I asked an associate to report back and she said that it will take up to 2 weeks to get the funds returned. My guess is it happens quicker but go in and trigger the refund now so you can get your funds ASAP.

UPDATE: My friend’s situation with the refund taking so long was because she had an old loan that was part of her refund. Everyone else is getting funds back quickly.

Here is the link to sign up for the online course: (the preview is not up to date; I updated the info but it’s not displaying properly for some reason)


I tried a few yoga videos early in my illness, but way too much arm pain. (tight tendons, injured tensons, something wrong with ulnar nerves.) So I am wondering if the course will cover variations which may help with that sort of thing, and how the video-conferencing will work.


I do have a variation recorded that does not go to the floor in the sun salutation. It is not edited yet but I think I can put it together for you in time.

Here is the information on the dates and times of the course:

The videoconference part is me presenting slide decks with information followed by a Q&A. There are also pre-recorded practice videos to do on your own before the next class. These are about 15-20 minutes for each set.



I don’t have a Paypal account. I could create one, but do you have any other payment options?


Yes, I can send you an invoice through my QuickBooks and you can pay by a credit/debit card.


This is aging now, but FYI…

The best thing to do is contact a human there, because the website is apparently wrong.

What the website says:

Currently, all withdrawals from Kiva must be sent to a PayPal account, and cannot be transferred directly to a bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one at

I had tried to do a chargeback to my bank but they refused. So I opened a PayPal account just for this purpose and asked for a refund.

Today this came from “Community Support” at Kiva in response to my withdrawal request:

I was notified that you requested a withdrawal and would be happy to help.

In looking at your Kiva account, however, I noticed that this credit, along with your whole account balance of $200, is from a loan that unfortunately expired. In these cases, we’re required to return your credit as a refund to the original method of payment. May I have your permission to process this refund? Please confirm that the original method of payment is still valid.

Alternatively, you could choose another borrower to lend these funds to and wait to withdraw the repayments to PayPal. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Community Support


Do you have your money back now?

I have really soured on Kiva. I get that their model is to keep money on the platform to keep funds being lent to more people, but they make it next to impossible for lenders to get their own money back. The people that lent to me have had so much headache trying to get money back and I don’t like it.

They also did very little to promote my loan, and our local Kiva loan dedicated person did very little to promote it as well.

Right now I’m responding to a state RFP to provide e-learning for their Dept of Disabilities. I’m really hopeful about it. If it works out I’ll being on 5 employees full time (including myself) with benefits. I’ll also be paid to develop a course catalog which I get to keep copyrights to.


That sounds perfect for you! Positive vibes your way.


Nope. After some back-and-forth, they claim they can’t do it by PayPal, and my original payment method (Bank of America one-time-use credit card, called ShopSafe, which has been discontinued) is invalid, so they’re going to cut a check and mail it to my US address. They say three or four weeks. My son will deposit it for me if it actually shows up. Yeah, not much of a fan of Kiva myself after this. They’re claimed to be one of the better charities, but I am not impressed. Oh well, live and learn.


I just tried to get a refund to my Paypal account (which I just used last week, so I’m sure it’s valid) and the form just kept reloading. I turned off my noScript blockings, so it wasn’t that.

I sent them an email. We’ll see.


I got mine back within the five to six days it said I would.


Also @RatMan, sorry! I will not be using Kiva again. Thanks for trying to support me.

@gadgetgirl I’m pretty excited about the possibility and think I have a good shot. I have a lot to put together to win it, but they have provided a scoring matrix, so it’s kind of an open book test. I feel that I can get them to seriously consider me by being thoughtful about my response in a way that earns me a high score on their matrix.