Not Feminism 101

Racism is definitely behind the disparity between Black and BIPOC mothers and pregnant people and white ones. But even if that were fixed, we’d still be way too high. Because of misogyny and forced birth culture and laws.
Pregnancy is not as well understood as it should be. The research doesn’t get the funding it needs. We still don’t know what causes pre-eclampsia or a lot of the excessive bleeding the article mentioned. Then add in our disastrous health care situation, leaving so many pregnant people without adequate prenatal care. In truth, a person should be getting prenatal care six months before they even plan on getting pregnant. Or even longer if they have any health issues. But too many can’t even control getting pregnant.

Sorry. Taking a deep breath. I’m glad to see the Gates foundation taking this on. Where they lead a lot of attention and money follows.


So certain outlets, such as the Daily Liar, are making accusations based on the supposed content of revenge porn videos. I figure


  1. the reporters involved watched revenge porn, which means they knowingly violated people’s sexual boundaries, or

  2. they made it up, which makes them defamers and untrustworthy, or

  3. they believe someone who either watched revenge porn or made it up or believed someone who either…

In any case this makes the accusers untrustworthy.

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The headline doesn’t mention it, but they break it down between male and female graduates.

The only college major in which women outperform the median male salary (barely) for 15 different majors is engineering. For men, 5 out of 15 majors make more than that highest-paying major for women, and in every major they make more than women. So, no progress detected.


She says so many things I have felt or thought, especially about moving in performance and entertainment circles in any capacity at all… and her take on the way men like Brand are treated vs women working in the industry is freaking spot on and speaks to what a lot of us face day to day in our working life and personal life no matter what job we do or role we fill.

I watched one of her stand-up sets years ago and it was funny, hard hitting, honest, vulnerable, touching, and moreover… funny. I haven’t watched the new ones yet though but probably will soon.

But honestly she does so well with this kind of unstructured format and handles more serious topics so well that I kind of hope she keeps up the podcast.


Though he’s kind of verbose and takes a meandering path to get to the point, it’s still well worth watching.


Yeah, some represent the misogynistic sensibilities of their times…but damned if some aren’t straight-up timeless! And big kudos to the late, great June Foray, without whom the various vocalizations of these furious females would’ve been im-possible!

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She’s guilty of being the victim of sexual assault. What was she expecting…justice?