Our ex-so-called president

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Though this coulda gone on the Nazification of America thread…

WANDA SYKES :heart_eyes: gotta start watching TDS again


I hate to tell ya, but she hosted only for the past week. They’re doing guest hosts on a week-by-week basis, for now.


The crux of the lawsuit: Trump was fine with the interviews he gave Woodward for his book, but is now claiming copyright violation because Woodward has published the audio versions of the interviews he conducted with Trump as a separate audiobook, “The Trump Tapes.”

The complaint spins this as a greedy money grab after Woodward’s 2021 book about Trump, “Rage,” didn’t sell as well as his earlier book about Trump. You can almost picture Trump himself telling lawyer Robert Garson to include some of these lines. I mean, not the “exploit, usurp, and capitalize.” That’s from a lawyer but calling Rage a “complete and total failure,” sounds very Trumpian.

In publishing Rage, Woodward clearly hoped to replicate the success of Fear, but he failed to do so. Faced with the reality that Rage was a complete and total failure, Woodward decided to exploit, usurp, and capitalize upon President Trump’s voice by releasing the Interview Sound Recordings of their interviews with President Trump in the form of an audiobook

Classic… it can’t just be that the audio was published to make money off of it, it has to be because something else was a “failure”. As if external motives have any bearing on a copyright lawsuit.