Stuff That Really 'Grinds My Gears...'

When it comes to their moderation, it’s hard to distinguish incompentance from malice.

Take their ban on reposting deleted posts. It’s the internet. It’s flaky. 99% of the time, when a post doesn’t appear, it’s because something went wrong and you need to repost. But with that policy, you risk an arbitrary ban-- a year or more.


There still is, but it’s trust level 3. There are apparently only a couple dozen Regulars these days. I only know that because I got a notification about earning Regular status a couple weeks back, and it was surprising because I didn’t realize I’d lost it. :slight_smile: I think I’ve flip-flopped back and forth between Member and Regular a couple times in the last year or so. My initial theory was that the RSS feeds were skewing the overall participation statistics, but the more likely explanation is that I just don’t hang out as much any more.

That sucks about your BB account, though. It seems like they used put the return date in a user’s profile when they got suspended, so you could tell how long they’d be out. Do they not do that anymore, or is it one of those situations where you got “suspended” for 100 years (or some such)?


Interesting. I was reading it about a month ago. I wonder if I was downgraded? I didn’t realize there were so many levels.

I remember those return dates. I wasn’t able to access my profile, my password no longer worked. I wasn’t able to reset my password either. Orenwolf sent me a message accusing me of doing something I didn’t do, which I received as an email. It invited me to respond to the email, but that got bounced back.

So, I suppose The Great Paris is dead and now I will have more time on my hands.


I never even got banned. I was getting tired of the dumbshits and then there was some kind of short-lived massacre of accounts of people who were truly not hurting anyone. When you ban Melz, even just for a week or whatever, you ban me.


Nope, merely suspended until Mar 9, 2020 9:00 am.


Interesting. Thanks for the information. I still am unable to log-in or reset my password.

This has been my first day of not reading that site since circa 2008. It’s not quite what it used to be, but I would still get some interesting news off it. But I think I’m over it. They have too many whirlpools of outrage in the comments. I always tried to stay away from those but I guess I finally got sucked in.


I only started commenting in 2014 or so, and the place has really deteriorated in that time, and the change is accelerating.


Why are so many Windows technical; issues answered with madlibs style responses?

It is not “[FIXED]”, It is not “[SOLVED]”, you don’t know, and the only reason yoiur hand is up is because you think the teacher will penalize you for admitting that you don’t know the answer.

(it looked like a mildly interesting bit of knowledge to have-- I have a windows installation that I’m not teerrribly familiar with, so when it was asked, I looked it up. Suppose I’ll never know).


Idling motor vehicles. The noise and the shaking make me nauseous. I don’t know how some people can operate them, or can stop them, leave them shaking everything in the neighborhood, and walk away, with them shaking and them shaking the ground and the noise screwing with balance and everything.


And as a bonus, it helps destroy the world, too!

I once saw an SUV left idling in a fast food parking lot, diagonally across two parking spaces, one of which was conspicuously marked for handicapped people instead. That’s probably not quite the worst you can be with a motor vehicle, but I was very impressed anyway.


I also posted on Tumblr… and got a reply from a loud car man, something, something, n-word, Mexicans.


It’s amazing how much damage you can do in a second or two with a decent blade.


I think letting the air out of the tires is equally bothersome to the recipient without actually being a major crime if you’re caught.


“Sanders cost Clinton the election! Sanders didn’t do enough to campaign for Clinton! Too many Sanders supports voted for Trump! If you still support Sanders you support Trump!”

“Some people always switch before the general. Weren’t there more Clinton-McCain voters than Sanders-Trump voters?”

“(Long rant, false personal attacks).”


And 2 more posts of false personal attacks. Fun.


So. I’m in credit-card debt, and my bank account was just cleaned out of the $8.87 I had in my checking account and the $1.00 in my savings account by a legal garnishment fee. That was all the money I had in the world. I have no income and no prospects of getting a job during the COVID-19 crisis (I can’t lift more than 5 lbs. in a work situation). This is rather upsetting to me. I already called my bank and found out who did it, and I plan on calling them at 9:00 a.m. when their office opens. I realize I owe money, but geez!

I’m going to call the office at 9:00 am when they open and explain my sitch to them. If I had a job, I’d be okay with them garnishing my wages, but this is not cool.

P.S.: I am NOT selling my house.

UPDATE: Fuck waiting for the next available operator, I remembered I had the collection agency’s lawyer’s email addy. Sent him three emails, one of which pointed out that I was not notified (to my knowledge; if they sent a letter, I didn’t get it) by them (the bank doesn’t have to notify) and they’re supposed to do so. I mean, I had a total of almost $10 in both accounts and they take it all without telling me WHEN.


Lost track of days and forgot to get money into the old checking account for an autopay. It’ll be fine if I get the money there today (Thanks to my middle-aged white guy priviledge) But still annoys me.


So, I posted my sitch on FB and friends have responded with gifts of cash via Paypal. My household will now have some cash - in my son’s account. I fear now that since I have my bank account linked to my Paypal, they’d be able to get that money as well. I was telling my son I wish I knew someone close with a Paypal account, and he started dancing around, pointing at himself - poor Mom, darling but dumb (a line from the book, “Freaky Friday”, which I read to him a long time ago)!

Fucking capitalism. But at least now I owe them 'round $2,590, instead of $2,599.


I really hate getting hit with music. It makes me sick. I realize a lot of people enjoy music, but maybe they can keep things down so it doesn’t go through the walls…?

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If people don’t understand it, that actually does mean it is unclear. That’s practically the definition of unclear. Please don’t tell me that doesn’t mean it is unclear.

P.S. And don’t insist that if I think it’s unclear, I obviously don’t hear anything I don’t want to hear, that is fucking obnoxious with my sensory issues. This isn’t here, it’s elsewhere, but I need to vent here.