The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2019

Twitter, as Bailey Martens recently examined, can be both a crucial tool for journalists and an anxiety-inducing hellscape. It’s perhaps not surprising that a medium that — more than any that has ever existed — stamps out the space between having a thought and publishing it to the world would result in a mixed bag at best.

As such, Twitter has no shortage of the virtuous and the reprehensible, of the inspiring and the depressing. But the very best and worst tweets are the ones that creatively reach these heights and/or depths. It’s one thing for a reporter to have terrible opinions about harm reduction; it’s another for him to take immense pride in kicking to death a “potentially rabid” raccoon. But we aren’t including that here, as not only do you deserve better than to stumble across such pics in your year-end, semi-comatose scrolling, but it wasn’t even his worst tweet of the year. For the record, this was.

With that in mind, here are the best and worst things that entered our bubble in 2019, in chronological and no other order:

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