20 Years of Nifty Darn Comics

The daily webcomic Sluggy Freelance is 20 years old today.


I started reading it around 2000/2001 and even at that point the archive was fairly intimidating. I’m torn between being amazed that it’s still going (and daily at that) and feeling reassured that it’s still there, a cultural touchstone for the web.


I found it in 1998.

November 13, 1998, to be more specific. I remember as it was an SJGames Illuminated Site of the Week.

Between calls in my cubicle at Texas Instruments for the venerable TI 5000 and our soon to be new corporate Overlords Acer’s Extensa 610. There was often plenty of time for surfing that World Wide Web (I probably had a dial-up to the local ISP (Fuck AOL) but that sweet, sweet T1 at TI was the bomb.)

So yes.

Thanks for being Nifty, Pete. Sorry I haven’t kept up my Defender membership, but you’re still the longest running webcomic in my daily read.

thanking you for opening up an enormous archive hole for me to fall into.

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May I suggest Archive-Binge from David Morgan-Mar who brought us Irregular Webcomic and who I just realized started doing more comics again

This is great, I’ve used it to re-read a number of comics…and now I need to re-read Irregular Webcomic again.

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