After Freeshop's Creator's Conviction, New Developer Emerges


FreeShop is dead. Nintendo has closed the CDN download loophole abused by FreeShop.

Original post:

3ds piracy tool Open source eShop alternative Freeshop has a long saga of legal troubles. First, it was DMCA’d for distribution of copyrighted material (the 3DS bootup logo). And then, its creator, Thomas Edvalson aka TheCruel, was arrested on charges of possession of child porn. And convicted. Again - this time getting 20 years of jailtime.

Shortly before his arrest, the original developer handed control and responsibility - for developing the piracy tool useful homebrew for modded 3DS users - to BTucker.

Sentencing terms were particularly heavy this time, as part of the condition on his original sentence stipulated that he must not have internet access - or devices capable of internet access - for five years, which he clearly violated in developing Freeshop. Fortunately for pirates everywhere the homebrew community, Freeshop’s legal troubles are at an end and its source code freely available.

A new fork has emerged, with custom theme support. Check it out here.

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This “no access to the internet” clause on sentencing needs to be rethought. Back in the late 90s it almost made sense. But now you’re mucking with job searching, public library access, banking, and a whole lot of other things. Where I work there are people who don’t have phone extensions because they work on the shop floor, but they have work e-mail.

I mean, child porn – throw the book at him. But let’s double-check what’s in the book.

(And is it just me, or are a lot of the radical net site people into child porn? What’s with that?)


Yeah. It’s virtually impossible to get a job here without internet usage, let alone setting up utilities or communicating with family. I can’t imagine living without any post-2003 game consoles or even a frelling Kindle. So much of our modern life relies on internet that living without is extremely difficult (and a good way to ensure that convicts never re-integrate into society)