After renegade nurse chops off man’s foot, state finds heap of system failures

Officials in Wisconsin found a series of failures and federal violations at a nursing home where a renegade nurse cut off a man’s foot without his consent and wanted to have it stuffed in her family’s taxidermy shop and put on display to warn children to “wear your boots” in cold weather.

I won’t pull any other quotes from this piece, but I will provide a warning: The descriptions of this case are gruesome, but not gratuitous. Please avoid if that will be too upsetting.


Hopefully further scrutiny of this facility can lead to better outcomes, but I suspect that despite it being a non-profit, the executives are paid well, leaving little remaining to be used for care. Ultimately, I think this is another example of a service being important enough that it should not be left in the hands of private enterprises.


Was her name Annie?

And I can’t believe there are GIFs that show the scene where James Caan’s character in “Misery” gets hobbled. In the book, she cuts it off with a welding torch.

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