Alexa records couple's conversation, sends to third party

Remember the “laughing Alexa” thing? Amazon tried to say the laugh needed to be better recorded.


A thousand and one reasons not to use Alexa.

Now, A thousand and two.


Amazon explained the series of events that triggered the episode in an emailed statement. The Echo woke after hearing a word in the couple’s conversation that sounded like “Alexa” — the usual trigger to begin recording. The speaker later heard “send message” during the conversation, at which point the device asked, “to whom?” The pair continued talking in the background and the Echo’s system interpreted part of the chat to identify a name in the couple’s contact list. Alexa then asked aloud if they wanted to send a message to that contact and heard “right” in more background conversation.

This is why I’m glad to be a late adopter. Alexa always thinks you’re talking to it and will send messages even when you tell it not to. If I did something of this shoddy quality for a work project my boss would fire my ass so hard. Alexa can suck a big bag of dicks!


I feel you’re trying to stay neutral here for some reason.

Really, tell us how you feel.


Hmm, I think my shoe just ordered some more shoes.

I dread getting a new car/furnace/thermostat/blender/whatever, just because it may have a secret microphone and a cell phone and modem. Just like my CPAP machine has. Which I can disable, fortunately.


“As unlikely as this string of events is, we are evaluating options to make this case even less likely,” the company said.

The unlikely string of events to me is someone actually wanting a voice-activated thing and leaving it on when they’re not actively using it.