And now for some good news

It’s true tho… no one would expect it, and Monty Python and Mighty Boosh already ruined it being old ladies with their Hell’s Granny’s/Nana-Geddeon bits


Even when they’re dressed in tie-dye fabric sneakers and a blue hoodie? I dress like a 12-year-old boy from 1970-whatsis most of the time.


This needs to be everywhere…


This is personal good news, but it’s not of rockstar-magnitude.

A doctor of history saw that I was selling my dad’s USAAF silk map of areas of China on FB Marketplace, and he purchased it to use as a teaching aid in one of his classes!

He’s also purchasing a Parade magazine from 1945 w/Gen. Chennault on the cover (look him up, lol), and a Yank magazine (like Stars & Stripes) from 1943 w/a cover & article on the Lolos, a tribe on the Burma-China border.

I’ve enlisted my brother to set to type a story our dad told him about Dad and two Japanese prisoners in a chow line, in order to send it to said historian.

So indirectly, my dad’s part in WWII, in a small way, will be shared with others outside the family. To me, this is keeping him alive, just as selling my mother’s crochet & knitting supplies keeps her alive.

I just wish I didn’t have to sell, it seems…grubby.

Here’s pics of the mags:

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