Another Twitch fundraisrer: TransLifeline

There’s a 48-hour charity stream on Twitch right now which is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Sondsol is doing a fundraiser stream for the TransLifeline, and many notable leftist streamers are joining in to play games and raise money. The Serfs are supposed to be on at some point (not sure when), there’s going to be some Among Us play at some point, but the main focus is trans issues and solidarity.

Check it out:


Fundraiser update: At approximately 12:30 AM EST, the fundraiser for TransLifeline smashed their $5000 goal! :champagne::confetti_ball::tada: In celebration, many of the streamers involved have changed into cat maid costumes.

It’s not too late to check in-- the stream will continue until 10 AM EST.


I don’t have the exact totals right now; I was dozing when the stream ended, but I do remember it was over $7500, and since the money was collected through Tips, TransLifeline gets the full amount.

@hasanabi did a raid at the end of his stream (that’s when a streamer sends their followers into another creator’s audience), so it added over a thousand watchers, who helped smash the original $5000 goal. But Chelsea Manning was watching Hasan, and she wound up joining the party via Discord, chatting with the streamers and playing games. If you want to see that, the VOD (video on demand) should be up for the next few days at least. (If you go to TransLifeline Charity Stream! - Get to 5k for a catboy maid party! , her appearance begins 2 hours and 36 minutes in.)