Any way to block the scroll indicator? Or move it out of the way?

If I’m reading the threads here, or if I was still reading the threads on that other site, there’s a scroll indicator slightly to the right of the middle of the page. It doesn’t scroll with the rest of the page, and the indicator shifts in the opposite direction from the rest of the page.

Is there any way to block it, or to move it farther from the middle of the page?

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If you are already set up to use user-styles in your browser (via something like userContent.css or Stylish extension), it’s easy to hide or move. Add a style:

.timeline-container { display: none; }

If you just want to move it, you could use something like:

.timeline-container { left: 100px; }

(change the 100 to whatever you want)


Thanks. right: 50px gets it out of the way.