Anyone Building Alexa Skills?

I’ve had a few ideas run through my head, thinking about learning to program an Alexa skill or two. But I haven’t programmed in about 30 years, back when I learned Basic. JSON doesn’t seem too hard though. Anyone else worked with the system?


Only for ordering large quantities of cream corn.


Alexa recently became capable of understanding my four year-old son (or rather, my son just became comprehensible to Alexa), so while I’m not expecting any deliveries of creamed corn, I would not be surprised to find a shipment of “two and a hundred pounds” of M&Ms on my doorstep one morning.

Amazon is currently running a contest for coding Alexa skills for kids - $250,000 in prize money. I have an idea I’m working on… just need to learn to code!


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And sign the code waetherman jr.

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