ATARI PINBALL: How Video Game’s Behemoth Failed at Tradition

Another article digging a little deeper into the history or pinball, this time focusing on the (now) relatively obscure Atari pinball division.

Full Disclosure: The author of the article is my brother-in-law.


Very cool article! I love pinball games, didn’t know that Atari did them as well.

Thanks for sharing! Tell your brother-in-law good job!


I’ve only played Superman, since he has one. I haven’t seen any other Atari tables in person.

Most people have some familiarity with tables from Bally/Midway/Williams, Stern (Electronics/Pinball), Data East/Sega, and Gottlieb

Here are few more obscure manufacturers worth checking out:

If you liked that article, here’s another, longer one, which is also a collaboration:

I haven’t made it all the way through this one yet.

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Always loved the ones that Bally/Midway/Williams did. Stern, Data East and Gottlieb always felt…“cheap” to me. Don’t know why, but I always avoided their tables…

I’ll give that a read, thanks!


Gottlieb certainly struggled after the transition to solid state from electro-mechanical.

On that subject:

Data East is interesting, because there is a direct lineage from there to Sega, and then Stern Pinball. They more or less started the trend of Movie tie-in pins, and there are certainly tables worth playing in their output.

Full Disclosure: I own a Laser War.

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