Bad Science

Good science from Nature. Bad from this book.

Plomin likes to say that various components of nurture “matter, but they don’t make a difference”. But the benefits of good teaching, of school lunches and breakfasts, of having textbooks and air-conditioning and heating and plumbing have been established irrefutably. And they actually are causal: we know why stable blood sugar improves mental concentration. Yet Plomin dismisses such effects as “unsystematic and unstable, so there’s not much we can do about them”.

What’s scariest to me (as the article writer notes) is that there are some very good conclusions in the book, which help to mask the horrifyingly bad ones. The pull-quote above demonstrates the kind of horrifyingly bad conclusions laid out in the book: Plomin argues that genes outweigh social interventions – it’s Eugenics 3.0.


It’s the same issue with global warming. Yes, terrible thing, but the economic impact of doing something to fix it will impact the people who have money.


100 companies are responsible for most of the problem of climate change.

That’s it. All the individual contributions of recycling, and lifestyle changes will do fuck all to fix it (which is not to say don’t do it, but don’t kid yourself) if those 100 companies continue to do business as usual.

It’s gaslighting, pure and simple.


Yep, and if they keep lighting that gas, we’re all boned.


I thought this was a poe at first, but after a bit of research it seems like he’s actually serious.


Yeah, and a person whose body temperature is 120 degrees F is still there too. But maybe you can treat someone whose body temperature is only 102 F.


Mars is essentially in the same orbit… Mars is somewhat the same distance from the Sun, which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are canals, we believe, and water. If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If oxygen, that means we can breathe.

Former u.s. vice president Dan Quayle


That does not follow.

Percival Lowell thought he saw canals and a blue strip next to the receding ice caps. But he recognized that the Martian atmosphere was probably far too thin to support Earthling life. He speculated that Martian life had adapted to it. E.C. Slipher, one of the pioneers of photographic astronomy of the planets, also believed he saw canals in his photographic plates.


Yeah, but this is coming from a guy who can’t even spell potato, let alone grow one on Mars from his own poop.


I couldn’t believe how dumb Quayle was. Now he looks like a Nobel-winning genius.


The white folks think they’re at the top, ask any proud white male
A million years of evolution, we get Danny Quayle

Oingo Boingo - Insanity


Well… yanno if you separate the planet from all life ON the planet that simplifies the math? Er, something, wut?


Hence Elon Musk going to Mars.

Or The Marching Morons.

Or maybe they’re the same thing


I think the enduring, ignorant myths about population growth, what automation is good for, how machines are designed, built, maintained, and used, all these serve the the small-minded emotional needs of slightly clever rich scumbags like Musk, Bezos, and the extended families of every aristocracy ever. Their negative-sum exploitatations exist within their universe of stupidity, so they have to keep it going with ever more stupid magic bullshit.

So dumb magic bullshit like Malthusian collapse serves to scare people from one direction and dumb magic bullshit like self driving cars or blockchain legalism serve to make people think that someone is “working the problem”. They’re not working the problem and they are banning people from actually working the problem.

The rock will indeed spin on, no thanks to the rich dumbshits who rule.


The rock will slow down though, as the moon tries to get as far away from us as fucking possible. With good reason.


But not magically, though, just from tidal action. It’s not like it’s trying to escape Galactus.


And then they will spend eons rotating around each other, their faces locked in an aggressive staring contest.

Though I guess the sun will get them first.


Yes. That. I would recommend the moon worry about the inevitability of that shit. Maybe the moon will invent real magic.


Maybe someone should tell this guy what temperature it is on Venus.

Or better yet we can send him and the other deniers there on a special one-way space flight and let them have a big Venusian party.


That would appear to be the best way to resolve their Venus envy.