BBS Game Night?

Back in the heyday of forum-based RPs, organizing a game night was easy: you’d just pop a “BGO, anybody?” in the chat and off you went. These days, spontaneous fun is rare - apart from the play-by-post forum games, that is.

Some webgames, off the top of my head, include:
Cards Against Humanity (
Bang! (
Town of Salem (
BoardGameOnline (

1v1 games:

Would there be interest in organizing a game night?


I’m an in person gamer, as online games never hold my attention, but what a great idea!

CaH and Catan are two IRL favorites.

There is an online Catan server at if online gaming with people is your thing!


This is a cool idea. I’m not a big gamer but I could do something like Words with Friends. The Town of Salem thing intrigues me but I can’t access the site from my work computer to explore. Will check it out later.