Benign Family Curses

My father had an uncanny ability to psychically cause traffic lights to turn red as he approached, especially if he was trying to get somewhere in a hurry. When he passed, he bequeathed this talent to his children.

Does your family have a curse and does it span generations?


I have the Wristwatch Curse. It’s not as bad as my dad’s version, but it’s up there.

My dad couldn’t wear wind-up watches, because after about six months the works would seize up beyond repair.

People told him it was from perspiring while working (he did mechanical maintenance) and to put the watch in his pocket when he was at work. He did that anyhow to avoid knocking or catching the watch on anything.

When electric watches came in he tried those. They worked better, but the battery would die in 3 months instead of the expected 12-24 months.

He tried a digital watch when those became available, but they were the same as the electrics. The back of the watch had been designed so you had to take it to a watch repair shop and use special tools to replace the battery. He talked a watch repair guy into selling him a set of the tools and to become a regular battery supplier – that way he could just pick up a new battery or two and do the work at home instead of waiting.

I’m not a bad as that. I need to wear my watches very loosely on my wrist, though, like a bangle bracelet, or else my skin gets irritated. The watch doesn’t fare so well either.


With out fail, when driving into a new town or city my father inevitably ended up in the industrial or manufacturing sectors while trying to find a hotel or restaurant.

I’ve noticed recently when driving on trips and I want to stop for a bite to eat if I just think “oh this exit looks promising”… “Oh look, there’s the forklift shop and the local industry”