Blatant Promotion Thread

I thought since some of us have stores where we are selling things we could try a little spot to promote our stuff, so that way if someone doesn’t want to read “ads” on the board, they can ignore the thread, and if someone wants to promote, they have a place they can do it and not feel like they are a spammer.


My motivation for creating this thread:




I seriously didn’t start this thread to start a big promo of my business dealings - but my vanilla is brewed so let me know if you want any.


Wow. That’s quite a profit margin you’ve got there


I don’t think I can make the live session today, but please let us know if you offer it again. I’m definitely interested!

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The beans are now $300/lb so these prices are crazy low for what it would cost if I had bought them on today’s market.

I originally had these presale priced at half the prices, and I wasn’t even making back my spend on the vodka to brew the beans in.

At this price, I cover the bottles and the vodka, and what I spent a while a go on the beans at way less than what I would pay today, but I’ll call that profit right now since I spent it a while back.


A pound is a lot of beans. How many gallons of extract is that?

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I have a gallon and a half, but I made it double strength. I was pretty stupid on the business end of it because I could have made it normal strength and made more $, but…well, long story about the whole pricing thing of it, but short story is that I’m really glad that I brewed it up and presold it no matter what the prices were because the little cash flow it’s generating right now is much needed. I explored a more ongoing business with it and it was just a lot of effort into a business that was more just a fun side hustle. So, everyone wins. Low cost, high quality vanilla for everyone who wants it while it lasts, a little cash in my pocket for right now, and the only work involved vodka and nice smells.

I have lots of beans left from the brew that I am going to make into candles, but I think I’ll just make it for my own stash as I use a lot of candles in my apartment due to the air not circulating very well.


Come to my workshops!
Pre-Thanksgiving retreats

If you know people in Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Nashville, Knoxville, or Asheville who are looking for a little getaway, this space is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and the people who run it are so kind. I am excited to start working with them.

You can stay on site in their cottage and it’s about the same as a hotel but there is a full kitchen and also it’s secluded in the nicest way.

There’s a week long event and a weekend event.