Block Flashing Online?

I am photosensitive. Flashing lights can hurt, blind, give me visual echoes, give my migraines, make me fall, and make me vomit, though I don’t think they’ve given me true seizures. To use the web, I need to block flashing, block a lot of other animation, and block fixed elements which break scrolling.

I currently use a number of tools in Firefox:

about:config fixes to block flashing cursors, block animated gifs, (pronounced jif, with the same j as in yeah), and block animated pngs.

UBlock origin

tools to switch Javascript on and off, adjust readability, and so on.

Stylus with a lot of user styles to block animation. Greasemonkey with user scripts. And my own user css to try to block the kylon painthrobber.

and blocklists to avoid stumbling onto sites which punch me and trigger my migraines.

Unfortunately, some sites-- Slate for one-- detect ad-blockers, and punch users who block ads. So is there a tool to block punches?


So Anti-Adblock Killer (AAK) died, and its successor (AAK-Cont) died, too.

You can still gain some measure of protection against ad-walls by doing the following:

  1. Add this address into the uBlock Origin filter list (Settings->Filter List->Import)

  2. Instlal this TamperMonkey/ViolentMonkey userscript:


I currently use Firefox, with several dozen accessibility fixes, but I may get kicked off their support site for asking too many safety/accessibility questions.

I need to be able to block:

  • animated gifs, animated pngs, animated ads, etc. before they give me migraines and make me vomit,

  • even non-animated ads if they break scrolling-see below,

  • Flashing,

  • Blinking, such as blinking paincursors,

  • Marquee animation, such as side-scrolling text,

  • Zooming animation, such as Google Migraines,

  • Jitter animation,

  • Parallax animation,

  • Carousel animation,

  • pendulum, metronome, and other back-and-forth animation,

  • Objects which zoom in from one side and punch users with intense pain,

  • Objects which jump up from the bottom, sometimes called toaster animation,

  • Flashing tooltips on mouseover,

  • Zooming images on mouseover,

  • Headers which animate if users try to scroll,

  • Fixed backgrounds which won’t scroll, such as Twitter’s painbackgrounds,

  • Sticky headers, unless they are low-contrast and far from the middle of the screen,

  • Sticky sidebars, unless they are low-contrast and far from the middle of the screen,

  • Other fixed elements which break scrolling and create a sheer effect in the mddle of the screen,

  • Updates or notifications,

  • And of course Firefox Quantum’s tab throbber, which is a throbbing pain.

I can’t read Lynx’s web site, I can’t force it into reader view, and I have trouble trying to read terminal windows.

I can’t disable Safari’s blinking cursors.

I can’t defeat Chrome’s download page. I have avoided it for some time, but since it was strongly pain-animated last time, and since Google pushes Google Maps and Android, I suspect Google Chrome will be equally painful.

I also have coordination issues, so can’t use touch devices, gestures, etc. and have trouble with precise mouse movements.