Blocking Animation in Firefox

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@MarjaE, try:

Disable Animated GIFs Firefox

Type: about:config in the address bar and hit Enter. If the “This might void your warranty message comes up click that you’ll be careful.

Next type: anim in the search box to find image.animation_mode. Double-click on image.animation_mode and type in none and click OK. Or, type one if you want the GIFs to play them once).


That does not work! That has not worked in years!

I think the bug is years older than this report:

Also, some jackass introduced painimated pngs.

P.S. I still added that setting and set it to none while setting up Waterfox. If it did work, it would have worked against the gifs which hit me earlier today, and the png.


This won’t work in FF57, but worth a shot:

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I used to use that. It worked well, but only did one thing.

I then installed QuickJava; too bad it broke.

I have also tried Gif Blocker, which replaces them with an icon indicating that they have been blocked, but it too only does one thing.

I tried looking at Userstyles and got punched, first by the slideshow, and second by an animated png.

I just want an adequate way to protect myself, against many things. I can’t keep up in this arms race.

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“Javascript Toggle on and Off” seems to combine the whitelist, blacklist, and toggle approaches. So it looks like a good option there.

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Good to know that worked out for you. It sucks that it involved so much searching and flailing to get it working, when it should be baked into the browser in the first place.

Software programmers and designers need to be mindful that not everybody is them, what they find fine others might not, and that it should be as configurable as possible. smdh.


I have tools:

  1. (for MacOS) To change the screen to gray tone and back. I ought to use this when using the web.

  2. To blacklist Javascript from buggy sites and toggle Javascript.

  3. To block gifs.

  4. To block flashing cursors in Firefox, Waterfox, and Thunderbird, as well as NeoOffice and NSText apps.

  5. To block zoom-on-mouseover and other transitions.

  6. To enlarge font sizes and un-enlarge when needed.

  7. To help with Reader View.

I still need tools:

  1. To block animated pngs.

  2. To block Google Maps, Orbis, and similar zooming map sites.

  3. To block Google’s Chrome’s download page, and similar rotating sites.

I could use tools:

  1. To deanimate gifs and pngs without blocking static gifs and pngs.

  2. To block animated slideshows or carousels without blocking other Javascript.

  3. To block animated top bars/sticky headers.

  4. To make sticky elements scroll with the rest of the page. OR To move either the tab list or the bookmark toolbar to the side of the page, so there’s more space between my focus and the edge between scrolling and non-scrolling elements.

  5. (for MacOS) To widen scrollbars so I am not as dependent on scrolling software.


Try this one:

I’ve already installed it, it doesn’t do either of those. I’m not going to delete No Transition because it probably blocks some transitions, but I’m not going to test it by disabling my Stylus fix to block some other transitions.

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P.S. I screwed up and used image.animation_mode false instead of none. image.animation_mode none can block some animated gigs and pngs, but not others.