Blu-ray player recommendations

Yes it’ a derail but it fits so well!


Luxury. We had runes scratched on birch sticks. If we wanted gifs, we waved them around.


We did that by setting sequential tablets in a long row, then knocking the first one down, which knocked the second one down and so on. You had to run along the tablets to see it play. It didn’t loop though, without a lot of work.




If you get the Harmony Hub, it bridges between the remote (RF) and IR and Bluetooth. There’s even an IR extender for the hub in case you have a device in a weird position relative to the hub. The bundle linked above includes a basic remote, but it works with the fancier Harmony remotes, and the bundle is often (at ~$50 US) less than the hub alone.

@DaakSyde: I’ve got two Intel NUC PCs as clients to a server in my basement running MythTV. It works for me, but I would probably recommend Plex or Kodi for most people.

Also, it’s worth noting that an Xbox One S works as a solid blu-ray player, can handle arbitrary files like .mkvs, has the ability to run Kodi and VLC, and probably Plex too, has Apps for all the major streaming platforms, and it plays video games too.