Can anyone suggest accessible ways to share/publish some of my work?

Google Drive was recommended, but it has far too much animation.

Github might work, but it also has too much animation. e.g. I can’t read the front page or the documentation without getting sick.

Dropbox is designed for personal 1-on-1 sharing, and also has too much animation.

Do you want to make it public?


Have you tried Medium? I have published a couple of blog posts there and it’s easy to use. I like their interface. Also, it’s free.

I’d love to see your writing.

Thanks. I was thinking game-related projects, such as notes in various formats, character sheets, printable maps, and counter sheets.

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That sounds like things you could sell on Etsy or a similar site. Surely there must be something specific to gaming.

If you were considering github, you might also look at gitlab. I can’t attest to how animation-heavy it is, but it’s otherwise very similar to github in functionality.