Canada's SOPA moment: Canadian telco giants pushing for site blocking without

I don’t trust the Liberals to get this right any more than I trusted the Conservatives too. Justin really has not shown a track record of understanding this issue.


Yet another reason why vertical integration is a bad thing, and content creators should not be content distributors.

Your ISP should not have any stake in the content you access online, and certainly should not be lobbying against the interests of the customers of its ISP division in favour of the interests of the content division.


Yup. Funny thing is, the Canadian film industry used to rant against vertical integration, because it was hard to get films into distributor-owned theatres. Now, they’re cheering it on.

  • sigh *

Telus and their mandatory cable packages.
Bell and their atrocious, anti-consumer Shomi.

Money-grubbing monopolists, the lot of 'em. We ought to nationalize them all. After all, it was public money that built their network. It’s the public they’ve been bullying.

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