Career Change Challenge

  1. Take a famous star,
  2. Pick two of his/her movie roles.
  3. Explain it as the same person who switched careers.


  1. Peter Dinklage
  2. Bolivar Trask - Inventor of the anti-mutant sentinel program
    Eitri - Blacksmith for the Norse Gods
  3. After the disaterous ending of the sentinel program, Trask takes refuge in Norway. In travels across the fjords, comes across a mystical anvil granting him the powers of Eitri the Space Dwarf. Overcome with a new purpose, he casts aside his wayward past.

Devastated by the destruction of his people, Eitri decides to practice his destructive craft on a smaller level. He removes to Midgaard and shrinkray-induced psychosis. Having lost his mind, he decides to set himself up in the arms industry for a comfortably unhinged political agenda.

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective
    Khan Noonien Singh, genetically engineered superhuman.
  3. Frustrated with the infirmities of age, Holmes undergoes an experimental life-extension process and, after that succeeds, he strives to convert the rest of the planet, igniting the Eugenics Wars. After losing the war, he decides to wait for more enlightened humans to evolve, and launches himself and his fellow superhumans into space in suspended animation.

(On a meta note: I’m interested to see how well your story holds up once the X-Men are brought into the MCU)

  1. Tom Cruise
  2. Mitch McDeere, lawyer for Bendini, Lambert & Locke
    Ethan Hunt, agent for the Impossible Mission Force
  3. Having exposed the misdeeds of BL&L, McDeere finds himself blacklisted as a lawyer, and on the run from both those BL&L lawyers who managed to escape prison, as well as the mafia who think that he knows too much and needs to be silenced. Facing overwhelming forces, he is met by a dubious individual, impressed by his ability to bring his shady bosses to justice without compromising his convictions, who offers him a choice: he can keep running until the inevitable happens, or he can give up his old identity and become part of a force that does the impossible.

It has been written how long ago, the power of the ring came to an end in the fires of Orodruin. But the one who brought it into those fires perished not; for even as he burned and cursed in agony, his hand clasped it, and in his hate and misery he was finally able to possess its strength for himself. The ring forsook its doomed master, and with its last spell propelled him beyond the limits of the world, into some unknown realm where he could be saved. Here he was found by beings strange to him, mechanical constructs with great arts of healing, and they were able to restore his burnt body and teach him new speech.

But though the ring was gone, pain never left him, for not only had his body been disfigured but its magic had left his mind able to hear the evil whispers from some realm beyond our own. In time he learned of wizards who used this force in service of light, but that there were others who had used it for dark, the greatest of whom had burned in its service even as he had. So hating and fearing the light, he resolved to banish it from this galaxy far away, and planned to recruit the very grandson of this dark master to his cause.

This is for 1. Andy Serkis playing 2. Gollum, who put aside his old name and became Snoke.

  1. Hugo Weaving
  2. Johann Schmidt, HYDRA scientist and recipient of an early version of Abraham Erskine’s supersoldier formula
    V, masked freedom fighter
  3. Schmidt, having fulfilled his mission by assisting Thanos to acquire the Soul Stone (Infinity War spoilers), is returned to Earth, and finds Hydra completely dismantled, the Avengers dominant, and no easy path for him to return to power. He has a new face crafted and begins to gather a new power base in England, but runs afoul of the newly-formed Norsefire party, and is captured and experimented upon. His strength as a supersoldier allows him to survive the experiments, but his mind is unable to withstand the torture, and he forgets everything prior to his capture. Not knowing his true strength, they leave him in a normal cell, and, after he recovers from the St. Mary’s Virus, he escapes and sets out with only a single purpose remaining in his life: revenge upon his captors.
  1. Hugo Weaving

  2. Agent Smith, Sentient AI dedicated to eradicating dissent within The Matrix
    Mitzi Del Bra, embodiment of all things Fabulous in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

  3. Smith, having failed in his mission to stop Neo by the end of the third Matrix movie, takes a moment to re-assess the things that he finds important in life. Perhaps the humans have a point and one can find happiness within the confines of the Simulation. With that (and a keen sense of irony) in mind, he moves to the place in the Simulation that is obviously the least bug-tested (Australia) and tries his hand at fatherhood. Although he initially settles into the role, it is clear that the Simulation is capable of so much more and he is ultimately unhappy. After a journey of self-discovery, he eventually finds happiness and gives up wearing ill-fitting suits to murder people:

Yeh, and you thought the metallic thing was just kitsch

  1. Jason Statham

  2. Frank Martin, The Transporter
    Handsome Rob, The Italian Job

  3. After his time as a tough guy transporting things which may be stolen, Frank needs to change things up. So he changes his name to Rob and is now the tough guy transporting things that he knows are stolen.

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Jeffery Goines, 12 Monkeys
    Rusty Ryan, Ocean’s 11
  3. Finally released from being an in-patient at a mental hospital in Philadelphia, Goines finds himself disowned by his family and disenchanted with the radical activists be used to work with. He discovers quickly that if he wants to earn a living he has to at least attempt to fit in, and that fitting in with his family’s old crowd of well-heeled trust fund brats earns money more quickly than the alternatives. Still, he can’t quite give up his anti-establishment ways entirely – which brings him to the attention of Danny Ocean. He takes on the name Rusty Ryan simply because that was the first thing that popped into his head when Ocean introduced himself.