Cocktails, Mixes, and Specialty Recipies

To celebrate the end of a long week, I’m having a small dinner party.

I’m a little new to the liquor game, but since I’m kicking off this thread, I’ll share a simple recipe.

**Wot you'll need**
1 2L Bottle Cranberry Cocktail
500ml Vodka

1. Pour two glasses of cranberry cocktail. 
2. Consume.
3. Carefully pour the Vodka into the now-opened bottle
4. Seal bottle.
5. Shake well.
6. Pour in glasses. For best results, serve "On the rocks".
7. Add garnish.
8. Serve!

(I didn’t say it would be a good recipe.)

That’s wot I’m doing tonight. What’s yours?


Grate enough ginger into a saucepan until the saucepan is almost full of ginger. Get the juice in there too. This will take some time and a lot of ginger.

Add 4-6 large tablespoons of honey. Peel, chop and add 1 large or two smaller lemons and about three limes.

Simmer for a few hours. The liquid will be bitter, but that is okay. Strain the liqud and allow it to cool. Pour some into a glass – around 1/16th of the glass’ volume will do but you can adjust to taste. Fill the rest of the glass with mineral water* and stir. Adjust to taste.

*You may leave some room for liquor. Your choice.


I attended a talk a while back about the history of cocktails.

We had five speakers, and each part of the presentation had its own cocktail to go along with it.

Interesting stuff, all of it- covering the history of the cocktail, how the science of taste, how to balance alcohol/sweet/sour in a recipe, and a bit about the resurgence in gin distilling that has happened in recent years.

Anyway, of all the cocktails I tried, this is my favourite from the night:

Bourbon Sazerac
1 sugar cube

In a mixing glass, drop a dash of bitters onto the sugar cube. dissolve this with 10ml chilled water and stir.
Add 3 measures of Bourbon to the mixing glass, add ice and stir.
coat the inside of the serving glass with absinthe. (be sparing with the absinthe here. Some recipes even call to rinse it out with water, but that’s overkill and wasteful. )
Pour the chilled contents of the mixing glass into the serving glass and enjoy.

I’ve also seen it done with rye or cognac, but I like this bourbon version.


Anyone got a good mulled wine recipe they’d like to share?


Dad’s was something along these lines…

Take the big pot (typically used for boiling spaghetti)

Add a quart of Apple cider. (The clear stuff, not the good stuff )

1 bottle of Red wine (Dad wasn’t picky, but typically a Cab)

Several Cinnamon Sticks (Enough that Mom would tut tut tut about having to go back to the store)

Zest of Orange (Using the fruit peeler so it was too much rind)

Dollop of Honey

Half dozen whole cloves

Bring to Boil, simmer 10 minutes.

Enhance with Brandy when company required it.


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Here was this year’s Work Party submission by your’s truly…


Too cute to eat.


Those are both totally adorable, especially if you do any work with Linux, and totally labour-intensive looking. I love that you made the serving tray liner.


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Compared to some previous efforts, those were easy.

  1. Take Big Pitted olive, slice down one side.

  2. Stuff with one Pearl Mozzarella

  3. Take Small Pitted Olive and skewer through width wise and through Mozzarella

  4. Slice Carrot into rounds and remove pie wedge of carrot.

  5. Use large carrot piece as feet and pie wedge as beak

I had planned on a a few Linux User Group signs or other “protest signs”, but - sadly - not enough people would have gotten it.


Sazeracs are from heaven. The very best are at The Ponchatrain Hotel in New Orleans.