Colleges aren't very progressive when it comes to the 'wrong' sort of activism

This was published by Forbes, no less, not a progressive site.


I feel like we could just call it “Colleges aren’t very progressive.” There are many things I like about academia, but the same biases that exist everywhere exist here.


turns out that EnLiGhTeNeD centrists aren’t ignorant:
they’re deliberately complicit in systemically oppressing people of colour.

like “Moderate Mike”.

I actually wrote a blog post (on Kinja) to respond to him publicly, as well as a beautiful scathing reply to one of his comments on a different thread.

I’m so sick of shit people.



I’m often vengefully fantasizing Tom Clancyesque WW3 scenarios to win all the arguments while grinding my enemies to irradiated dust, but ideological battles happen on the surface when they go hot. The majority in the multidimensional sea underneath are just trying to get through the day and make things a little bit better. That’s always been better for peace and prosperity than drone strikes to keep the power politics of fifty years ago going. More predictable for the market players and yet more murderously unstable.

Maybe we can be both prosperous and peaceful and let the sea work a bit on its own rather than be all bro-methful and revengeful.


Argh. I’m glad you called him out on the morality thing in particular (though it’s all awesome). Adam Smith’s “all morality is selfishness” had been disproved so many times in so many ways, but people continue to cling to it.

I’d hoped after the release of A Beautiful Mind people would click it’s not an idea that holds, but you know.