Cracking the case: New study sheds more light on the “Brazil nut effect”

Fun fact: Brazil nuts contain small amounts of radium, which makes them 3 to 17 times as radioactive as bananas.

Significantly less fun fact: My father ran a business that sold nuts, among them Brazil nuts. I can’t count the number of times people would say to me “Do you know what we used to call those?”


I mean, ok, that explains why they rise through mixed nuts. a weird phenomenon explained.
ok. but:
how the fuck do you crack one open so the nut doesn’t stick to the inside of the shell?
if you’re going to devote all this effort to studying Brazil nuts, give us something we can use.


i know exactly what people used to call them, because one of my uncles used to use that term, and my mom would chastise him every time. i love the factoid about the radioactivity!