Credit and money issues

Be mindful, everyone, that this is the internet. Don’t wave your boss’s check around in front of the 8K cameras.


Is this the Voice of Experience?


So, if you have no job when the person who’s your main source of income dies and you run up credit-card debt over $5K but under $10K, you’re chances are basically ruined for getting any sort of job for which you must fill out an application.

I mean, I dunno where to go. I’m not eligible for UIA; I was going to get a workup done on my arms to see if I can get disability benefits, but wouldn’t you know, this darned pandemic came along; and I’m not going to become a sex worker, too many triggers there.

So…just kinda drifting while DTE raised its rates, wondering how am I gonna pay the utilities so I can clean and cook whatever food I have.