Dead Gawker Reboots As Republivan-Owned Rag


I think my view on this matter is captured well by the following comment:

Having never heard of any of these shitty people, I look forward to never having to hear about them again.


didn’t get a chance to talk about this because this year has been so exhausting.

Hilariously, Bryan Goldberg’s republican reboot began as a dumpster fire because Bryan is a dork who can’t help but hire awful people. Also, Bryan’s notoriously anti-union and made firing the entire staff of an outlet a condition of his purchasing said outlet.

Bryan Goldberg is notorious for his use of unpaid interns (at Bleacher Report), his anti-union stances, his long Spencerian anti-immigration rants on facebook, his complete hatred of journalists, systemically firing entire outlet staffs. And otherwise being a general dork. Don’t even get me started on Bustle.