Democratizing Education

Because democracy can only exist when education is freely available to all.


Keeping this story alive.


I had an idea about starting a business a while ago, something like this would be invaluable to me. I wonder if there’s anything in my area like this. given the pandemic, I wouldn’t do anything now anyway. but I always thought that this should be taught in public school. considering capitalism is so central to success in the US, we don’t teach it very well if at all. in TN, we got a ½ credit in both economics and government, and that was it. but nothing about how to actually run a business (or a campaign and how to hold public office successfully, something we could really use). I mean, any other class, you’re taught how to do the thing. govt/econ is just: here is a thing that exists, but other people do it.

similarly, I went to the academic magnet school, there were no vocational classes offered (which sucked for me, the allegedly “dumb” school I was zoned for was the largest vocational school in Middle TN, and I’ve always been a hands-on person.) but a girl my age and I were chatting one day and she expressed frustration that we got no class for basic auto maintenance. she was at the mercy of an expert for even the most basic stuff that anyone could learn, if only it were taught to her.

a friend here in Atlanta and I were walking dogs in the park and
he expressed a similar frustration that children were not taught the basics of their local environment/biome. I don’t know much but some stuff filtered down to me from my mom, and he comparatively didn’t know anything. he wished he had been taught basic trees and plants. learning how the regional water table sits and invasive animal and plant species could go a long way towards maintaining the health of an area, I expect.