Discourse 2.0 released!

We’re currently on 2.0.0.beta10, so most of these features should be available here already, but I thought this would be a nice summary of the changes. I’ll be upgrading to the latest version relatively soon. I’ve tried scheduling these in the past, but the downtime is generally short enough that no one notices anyway.

Also, by keeping up with the newer builds, it causes the application to restart, which seems to reset the clock on the intermittent issue where the site becomes unavailable.


Oooh, the reply mode toggle is pretty nifty. That almost solves my major gripe with Discourse as a piece of software.

I’m not entirely convinced that user anonymization fully complies with the GDPR, but I think we’ll have to keep an eye on the original place to see if it ever becomes an issue.


Yeah, they used to have “reply as linked topic,” but got rid of it (or, rather, hid it under the “link” button).

Glad to see it back.


It’s still not very discoverable, in my opinion, but it’s at least in a more logical place.