Disruptive Somnolence Transition again!

I can’t believe that we don’t already have a topic for this but…

It is, once again, time for (most of) our body clocks to receive a shock as our circadian rhythms are yanked from where they’ve comfortably settled and summarily told to realign to different definitions of when a day starts and ends. On November 5th, 2018, we will once again have to convince ourselves that an hour has disappeared into oblivion without having passed, because our rhythms can’t reasonably be expected to pick up a beat that it lost eight months ago.

The EU, in a move that’s so uncharacteristically sensible that I’m stunned that it was proposed by politicians, has decided to dispense with the whole notion. I don’t get why you would want to permanently keep the clock an hour ahead of what the actual hours are supposed to represent (i.e. noon is when the sun is closest to being directly overhead), rather than change office hours to start and end an hour earlier to exactly the same effect, but as the effect is functionally equivalent, I’m not going to argue.

Of the two changes, I naturally prefer this fall change to the spring one. Yes, it’s more work to move clocks back an hour than forward, but the extra hour of sleep is nice until I have to convince my body to stay up an extra hour to match it. Really, though, I would be thrilled if Ontario followed the EU’s lead (or even Saskatchewan’s, even though, again, I think permanent DST is counterintuitive, pointless, and unnecessary), and just get rid of these blasted leap hours.


Hear hear. They may have saved electricity at one point, but now they just cause increased power usage and car accidents. Plus all the grumpiness you mentioned.


It doesn’t change the time at all, the sun still rises and sets when it will and things still take the same amount of time, the amount of daylight in the day is dictated by nature and latitude, not the labels on the clock. It’s literally just changing the labels to confuse people for no reason. Could just as arbitrarily decide that the day starts at 0247 and runs counterclockwise, shuffle the numbers and pick a random order, or replace them all with icons of dancing monkeys in different poses.

It’s lunacy to shuffle the timezones in an attempt to change the amount of sunlight.