Elections 2022

A round up of the current election cycle

A step in the right direction here in GA…

And speaking of Kemp, he’s seeking to outflank his Trump-backed rival and went on a campaign of signing right-wing bills this past week or so, including signing the controversial education bill in Forsyth County…

In case you’re not familiar with that county (north of the city), there was a racial cleansing in the early 20th century and was still largely a “sun down” county into the recent past (and is still overwhelmingly white)…


Step 1: Invent false history on social media.
Step 2: Do not attend debates.


Somehow Oregon has generated a politician even more annoying and horrible than Ted Cruz

( trigger warning / transphobia etc. )

Oh you have no idea. Remember Lon Mabon?

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From my era, Newt Gingrich was the most annoying. And Humphrey annoys the heck out of me, just reading about him.

In more serious news, Michigan’s gubernatorial race is this November. Gack. The roads didn’t get fixed - yikes! But the Trumpian nightmare is still going.

I miss Soapy Williams.

Spoiler: Gov. Williams made a case for more psychiatric services after calling his captor “a mental case”.

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OMG is it over yet make it stop :grimacing: