Elections 2023-2024

Thoughts? I personally think she should retire and set a fucking example and maybe do something useful for people as a private citizen. And I don’t see myself as ageist; I’ve lived with people old enough to be my grandparents, fercrissakes - my dad would be 100 on 10/10 were he still alive! But younger blood needs to be injected into Congress. It’s truly becoming the opposite of Progress.

Plus, she’s a capitalist.


I don’t even know how to process Pelosi running again. Fine I guess. Whatever.

Maybe this will be her best run in her career for all I know.

I think she should retire but no one asked me. I don’t understand not wanting to retire though.

I don’t look forward towards watching her die slowly in office though and realistically… that has been happening a lot.

I also wish there was even the perception of a new generation of leadership on the horizon.


I would like to see her retire and step aside for some young blood. I’m also not an ageist, and, unlike Feinstein and McConnell, she seems to still be fully possessed of her faculties needed to do the job. I am not in favor of mandatory retirement ages for Congress, and I am not in favor of term limits. But the current Congress is, I think, the oldest we’ve ever had. She won’t be a Representative forever. I would rather see her retire now, while she’s still able to provide advice and mentorship to whoever takes her seat.

Having said all that, this is very different than the situation with Feinstein and McConnell. Representatives are up for re-election every 2 years. When a Senator decides to run again, it means another 6 years if they win. If Pelosi decides to retire in 2026 instead of 2024, it’s not the end of the world.

What I would really like to see is for it to become normal for qualified, competent candidates to challenge incumbents in primaries. Right now, more often than not, incumbents either go unchallenged in their primary, or they’re challenged by a protest candidate who has zero chance of winning. Now, in California, of course, they have open non-partisan primaries, so Pelosi will face a primary challenger. However, the only serious challenger will be a Republican, who will likely be the 2nd place finisher in the primary and face Pelosi in the general. I would love to see serious, qualified, young Democrats in the mold of AOC challenge Pelosi. If one of them finished 2nd behind Pelosi in the primary, then it’s a win-win. There will be two Democrats in the general, Pelosi and a progressive. That’s what I want to see normalized. And that doesn’t require any Constitutional Amendment. It just requires the Party leadership to recognize the benefit of primary challenges.


I sadly see it’s possible for GenXers to follow the same path if we ever get our hands on the levers of powers as we are seeing play out with the SilentGen Reps and Senators refusing to step down when it’s pretty clear they need to for the sake of the planet’s future. The SilentGen is smaller than either the “Greatest” or the Boomers, much like GenX, and were similarly shut out of control of, well, everything, until they were kinda too old to start trying to control the wider world.

I think I’m OK with power skipping GenX if Zoomers are able to get in control (even though they call all of us Xers “Karen”, because aside from that)…the kids are all right.


Yeah, I think there are already more Millennials in power than us GenX. And unfortunately many of the GenX in power are the bad guys that leave the rest of us saying “please don’t think our entire generation is like those dumbasses, most of us aren’t”.

If those are the only people in our generation to get power, I say let’s skip on ahead to the next. We’re kinda known for being the slacker “oh well, whatever, nevermind” generation.

The younger people have some good ideas. The kids are all right.


I see this as an outcome of the malaise of the 1970s, where pretty much everyone across the political spectrum started to agree about government being the “problem” (for good reason, too). But movement conservatism was becoming more active and picking up conservatives from our cohort that grew up during the Reagan years and embraced his politics. Those of us on the left instead sought outside means of making change, but there were far fewer of us than the boomers generation, so it made less of a cultural impact than the hippies.


The next question, Ms Ziegler said, is what Mr Trump will actually do if he returns to the White House and no longer needs to court the general public. “Because then of course, he can’t get elected again… and that might lead him to do something more extreme.”

Even completely out of context of that one topic, that still applies generally to everything.