End of an Era: ZetaBoards/InvisionFree Eaten By Tapatalk

After 15 years, Zathyus Networks aka InvisionFree/ZetaBoards has shut its doors.

TapaTalk acquired the service in 2017 and set about planning to homogenize the forums migrating forums slowly, finally flipping the switch in August.

Needless to say, you can’t build a community by buying and destroying hosts. The many communities that started on InvisionFree boards have migrated en masse to Jcink (based on the same base software) and ProBoards.

RIP invisionFree.


ZetaBoard’s senior architect has a rather scathing post on the subject here: https://support.zathyus.com/tapatalk-conversion-t807199.html

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I don’t know anything about these forums but I do know that Tapatalk is shit.