End-Stage Landlord: Take Time Off If You Want Internet Installed

It is 2018.

The world is connected with a series of networks collectivelly named The Internet. People rent access.to the 'net from service providers. Particularly corrupt ones force competitors out with a variety of tricks, like bribing landlords.

… the stupid company I rent living space from requires personnel from Sasktel to have a rental staff escort while on premises. Stupid rental company will only schedule staff between the hours of 10 and 4.

I work 10am to 6PM every day.

Factoring in commute, I am out of appartment from 9-7.

The landlord’s solution: “take time off work.”

Fucking hell.


Yet another remnant of the single-earner nuclear family. And servants. And live-in grandparents.

Point being, utility services haven’t even tried to keep up with the changes in society in the last 50-80 years. And why would they? Not enough competition to do so.