EU Approves Copyright Directive - Including Article 13

The EU fucked up and now the Internet as we know it is over - unless we pass a new copyright directive that undoes it (which will take months, and only after EU Parliamentary elections).

The World-Wide Web had a good run, from 6 August 1991 to 25 March 2019; the core technologies that made it possible went through iteration and revolution, enabling the rise of mass communication… and ending with the death of the cultural commons.

Corporate control over the web is now complete. With Copyright being extended to an effective 100 years or more, creativity - and culture - is now criminal.

Pour one out for the internet. And another for the future users who inherit this hellscape.

What You Can Do
• Join a P2P revolution like Retroshare
• Join I2P (and host web content via I2P or Tor)
• Drink
• Hijack the treaty-making process and undo copyright entirely


Is this the end of eternal september?


If it is, somebody wake up Green Day.