Events in our isolation

I don’t know how other people are dealing with this - lack of events. But I keep up with several bands and there have been a number of online concerts where they switch back and forth between a live band in Chicago, a DJ somewhere else, a live band in Australia, a DJ somewhere else, a live band in Germany or whatever. We’re lucky, internet and streaming video/audio couldn’t have handled this a few years ago.

Tonight was the 80’s top 100 one-hit wonders countdown. Tomorrow night theres another 80’s dance party. And two three of the bands I like have released something new and done a live stream for it this week.

It’s not the same as actually being there in a crowd, but it’s better than nothing. The live chat at least lets you talk to other people and kinda sorta feel like part of a crowd.

If you’re missing that kind of thing, take a look. There might be something there you’d enjoy.


Abney Park has been doing frequent streaming concerts through Indiegogo, most recently on New Years. The tickets for just the concert have been a not-too-expensive $15 so far. They have been gradually improving their tech game, decking out their home-based recording studio with an automated lighting system. No date yet for their next show, but I’m keeping an eye out.


Just got an update email today about their next show: