Existing Theme Tweaks

Rather than a topic for proposing totally new themes, this is a topic for proposing tweaks to existing ones.

Discourse Dark
Problem 1:
I find the site difficult to use outdoors. Specifically, trying to find the Heart button.

Proposed fix:
change buttons from


    nav.post-controls a, nav.post-controls button {

For what it’s worth, while I haven’t noticed this myself, I get the issue and see a good simple solution proposed. :slight_smile:

(Stretching for reasons not to: The only reason I can see not to would be that arguably the darker text of that line creates more of a visual demarcation between posts. Though if it’s doing that, my inner UI geek screams that we’re deliberately obscuring that UI element for The Wrong Reason (dammit).)
So yeah, all good here. :thumbsup:


what the fuck happened today?

can’t see shit, captain

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We upgraded versions of Discourse today, and I see from elsewhere that peoples’ default theme settings were lost. Maybe the customisations went away, too?

Paging @LockeCJ:wink:

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ya, I had to change my preferences. it’s back to normal now. but the new default theme must not be compatible with my browser or something

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By default [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags don’t do anything to obscure text for readers who have scripting turned off in their browsers.

This can be fixed in CSS, for example by

.spoiler {
    background-color: #555555;
    color: #555555;

EDITS: yeah that seems to work, you can read the text by selecting it, also simpler now


Ohh, I likey.

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Thanks, will incorporate it first thing in the morning.