Fight for Our Technology Vol. VI

Interesting for this passage:

Among which, special reverse-mode-privacy “containers” for shit like Facebook. So for me, hmmm…

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“But it became irrelevant after Google in 2008 released Chrome, a faster, more secure and versatile browser.”

Huh? I’ve never liked chrome, and I’ve been using things like privacyBadger and Noscript for a while now. ??


It was the bee’s squees among techjournos. Also, I was attempting to quote with the wrong type of brackets.


I was using Firefox when it was Phoenix. It took awhile for Chrome to pull me away, but FF had become bloated.

I have the latest FF on a few machines, trying to get back into using it, but feels odd to me. Not sure exactly why.


Not sure why but I tried after the last big update and with just here and the other place being my only tabs it would eat up memory over time and slow my machine down to a crawl. Even I just left it idle. I would have to power cycle the hard way sometimes. So yeah back to Chrome.


Mobile is borked, especially on Discourse. I am constantly having to reboot, and a lot of functions simply don’t work or respond. It’s not just Discourse, either. Some shopping sites will bork it pretty bad, too.

OTOH, I am not sure what blockers equivalent to uBlockOrigin are out there, for other browsers. And I don’t need the adweb on my phone.


Software developer discovers real world

“Software developer discovers real world”


I recently tried Firefox and Chrome on my “new” laptop. Firefox ignores the graphics hardware. Tearing video, clunky scrolling. On the other hand, both Chrome and its open-source upstream precursor “Chromium” work the way they’re supposed to.

It’s been nice, Mozilla. Good luck with whatever it is you think you’re accomplishing.


I use Brave and it works really well for ad/script blocking on mobile. There’s a top menu that lets you customise the security settings on a site by site basis that’s simple and easy to use:

I leave it switched off here because this site is run by good people but it’s set to max on pretty much every other site…


Thank you. I am going to give that a try.


I’m a fan of Privacy Badger… probably because that was widely recommended last time I went looking, which was some time ago.

And after I posted this graphic (Hosted on Imgur)


Smart devices extend surveillance and outside control into your home. The consequence is that controlling snoops are the ones who reap the biggest reward.


Firefox Focus, built on a different rendering engine, is ridiculously fast and stable. Downside: no session memory. Once Focus is closed, it’s wiped.


Hm. I run Firefox, Chromium, and Chrome on my Ubuntu laptop (a 6yo Dell Inspiron).

Although I use them for different things, I’d say they all work about equally well. Firefox is actually the default (with uBlock running); it’s the default browser in Ubuntu and I’ve never seen need to change it.

Mind you, I go to a very narrow list of sites, so I’m probably not the best example.


i have a mac purchased overseas. firefox is the one and only program that will not listen toy locale settings and instead always uses the language of the computer’s country of origin. even the sites it wants to serve are the non-english versions. ugh.

firefox focus tho i love. great on my android phone.


Is that really a downside? I have standard Firefox configured to do that because that’s how I think it should work. No trackers following you, no old cached stuff and history gradually piling up on your hard drive. Once you close a session, it’s closed. Next time, a new session starts fresh.