Fistful of Frags is a free Western shooter, and I can't stop playing

I’ve logged 810 hours in Fistful of Frags on the Steam release since 2014, and I’m not alone. Among my friends, about 50% have logged more than 100 hours of play in the past year. A thriving mod community and a coalition of weird modded servers add depth and variety. It feels like you’re the protaganist in a Terrence Hill western. Everything about it is perfect.

Polished to Perfection
It wasn’t always perfect. It’s technically been in development since 2007- when the first alpha was posted to ModDB - though the current iteration dates back to 2014. Originally, it was slower-paced with a focus on aim. Annual updates added an objective-based mode, adjusted the stamina system, added more varied loadout options (including the late Gentleman perk).

The current release - 2014’s Steam edition - is fast-paced. Gone are ammo counts. In its place, reloads are lengthened, taking as long as six seconds on some weapons. Gone, too, is the stamina and sprint system. Instead, momentum matters; different weapons have different top and acceleration speeds. Prop-killing became a feature: you can kick foes through fences, into wine racks, into gunpowder. Or you can just throw the barrel at them. That works, too.

And the fine details matter: thrown weapons can be deflected with a well-placed shot. Kicks can be ducked. Guns can be punched away. Hats can be shot off.

At launch on Steam, there were just four maps in rotation. The number is now fourteen, each lovingly polished to perfect. Seven game modes are on tap. Finding a match is easy: simply click a thumbnail on the homescreen to jump into a populated server.