Flake, don't hold back, tell us what you think

Senator Flake spoke with far too much vocabulary for Trump to understand, so with your help could we translate Flake’s speech for Trump?


Flake said:
You Republicans are TRAITORS for being complicit with Trump.


What Flake thinks Republicans should say to Trump:


(That ought to be simple enough for even Trump to understand. Now if only we could wish 45 into the cornfield…)


Fuck that guy. “I’m not running for election again, because it’d be difficult, but you’re not the best President.”

Say it last fall and I’d have some respect for you, but now? Fuck you.


Yeah, the “truthtellers” are all not running for re-election. Colour me shocked: the male GOPs not falling in line are close to being primaried out or otherwise won’t survive re-election, and the female GOPs not falling in line are more courageous and haven’t announced retirement or early decision not to stand for re-election.


Really, Flake’s no hero for displaying a modicum of decency, for calling out a degenerate, for doing what any sensible decent GOP Senator and Rep should have done long ago.


If Flake really wanted to be a hero he would have stood up two years ago and said “Look, jackasses, let the President’s Supreme Court nomination have his day.”

He could have stood up last summer and said “This Presidential nominee is a grifter and not fit to even walk the halls of the White House, let alone live in it.”

He could have stood up last fall and said “No, I’ll be working to keep healthcare for my constituents. Get out of here with that wall.”

He could have stood up today and said “I’m going to keep fighting for all my constituents and serve them to the best of my abilities for as long as I possibly can.”

He did none of these things. Fuck this guy.