Forgotten news

As the media cycle keeps rolling on, looking for novelty, Important stories that are slow to develop can get ignored.

Like this one:

The current Ebola outbreak in the Eastern Congo is already the second worst on record, and we really don’t know just how bad it is, because the affected area are in a conflict zone. Its location also brings the possibility of the disease spreading internationally, threatening Uganda and Rwanda as well.


interestingly, the (Formerly Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia doesn’t appear to be part of the Megali idea.

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I think that was when they decided that including people like Alexander the Great would give them a stronger position in history, instead of insisting that Macedonians weren’t ‘real’ Greeks.

I don’t know much about the social construction of Greek identity. I vaguely associate it with Lord Byron. But, it would be interesting if the British were interested in exploiting it against the interests of the Ottoman empire.

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In the US this has largely been obscured the election.