Frantone and Fran Blanche

Some of you who play guitar may know about Frantone and Fran Blanche’s work, but in case you don’t, here is a link to her companies’ webpage - she makes custom effects peddles (since the 90s):

She’s also set up a patreon recently:

This is largely in support of her web series where she talks about, not just her work on effects peddles, but electrical engineering and other geeky things. She’s a very cool, happy mutant, doing neat things.

Unfortunately, she’s also being gentrified out of her home recently… she’s in Philadelphia and had a large work shop in the city, but the building has gotten bought out, all of her neighbors have moved, and she’s the last to go.

Just wanted to make her work visible here, since it seems like someone many of you would be interested in hearing about…

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