Game about refusing cookies and popups

Here’s a quick, simple, silly browser game. The objective is just to refuse cookies, refuse the terms and conditions, refuse to signup for a newsletter, etc. (Edit to note: expired SSL certificate warning)

My results:

We attempted to access your data 28 times
and you were kind enough to give it to us 2 times.
That’s better than 83% of players
You took 354.41 seconds to complete the game
That’s faster than 11% of players
You did particularly well with speedy questions


Maybe I’ll give it a whirl later, in a less secured browser. Does that mean I’ve already lost? Or already won?


not to play


Ah, yes, it looks like they did let their certificate expire and I just clicked past that, but obviously only do that if you’re comfortable with it. It doesn’t ask for any of your real info.

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